Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Conviction or Political Tactic?

I'm somewhat disturbed by much of what I've seen and heard from Christians in recent months, weeks and days. Once again the abortion issue has been brought to the forefront of our hearts and minds. All of the awful statistics about abortion today and in years past...the endless talk about partial birth abortion and even post-birth abortion. How an entire generation of people has been wiped out by this awful procedure. And I agree, abortion is an issue that should be high on the list of priorities for all followers of Christ. Here's the problem, it's not. For most people this will fade away again until the next political season rolls around.

If the abortion issue was really a conviction for the Church then we would DO something about it. Instead, I would liken it to the way the way that many in the church view missions, it's very important, someone should go take care of this, I'll give money to it or tell someone about it, but that's where it ends. To me, that means it's more of a preference than a conviction. We'll complain, moan and cry about the travesty of abortion, yet VERY few will get off of our behinds and actually DO something to work towards ending it. This is why I almost roll my eyes when I hear Christians boo-hooing about abortion around elections. My thought is, Oh, so NOW you care?!?! And all you're going to do is vote for someone else to solve the problem? Give me a break!

At our church AWANA is very big, it's a conviction of our church to reach the next generation. It's part of our slogan, "Neighborhoods, Nations, next Generation." and we actually make it a priority. On any Wednesday tonight, we'll have 1500 kids involved in AWANA. A friend of mine who loves AWANA went to volunteer to serve in AWANA a few months ago, so he shows up one Wednesday and asked where the greatest need for people was. He was shocked to hear that we actually have too many people working already but that he was welcome to come and hang out. He couldn't believe that there were so many people involved that there was really not room for any more volunteers. The reason is that we have embraced the fact that it is our responsibility to reach the next generation for the kingdom. It's a great testimony to the fact that this is very important at GRACE.

Unfortunately, if you go to almost any crisis pregnancy center there is no shortage of vacant positions and need for volunteers. Why? Because abortion is just not a priority for the Church. If it were, we would be moved to action rather than just words.

Oh, and abortion is just the topic of the day because of all the Christian rhetoric out there over the past few weeks. The same could be said about missions, hunger, poverty and a myriad of other topics that the church likes to talk about but does very little to be the solution. I don't know about you, but I'm going to be a part of the solution. I can't end abortion or take the gospel to every nation tongue and tribe, but I can do more than just talk about it. I can go...



Alan Knox said...

"the church likes to talk about but does very little to be the solution"... I think James said something about this kind of faith... I don't remember exactly what he said... something about it being dead?


Brandon said...

Seems like you remember it pretty well Alan. Thanks!


Lew A said...

In some recent debates with other Christians I have pointed out some of the things that you have gone into depth here. I have encouraged them to ignore what the government is doing and focus on what they can do. It has been a struggle, somehow we have equated "voting for someone to do something" to "doing something ourselves".

Great post... it is actually another recent reminder for me to go out and volunteer in support of a similar agency.

God's Glory,

seth said...

Yup - we need more activists. that's why I like you!

talk to me sometime about AIM's partnership with AWANA.

Brandon said...

Thanks for the response Lew, that was my desire with this post. Inspiring people to ask the Holy Spirit what He wants them to do and then going to do whatever that is. I think people want to avoid getting messy...ministry is just messy, people's lives are messy and people's pain is messy. It's not comfortable but it is SO fulfilling to get involved in the lives of others...


Brandon said...

Hey bro! Welcome to my blog!!! I don't know how many may or may not know Seth but I love this guy and his blog rocks! He truly has a heart for the nations.

let's go grab some lunch soon and talk about that.


Pat and Paige said...

Good Word - I read something interesting today. The account of Jesus healing the man with leprosy. No one wanted to be near (in any shape, form or fashion) of this guy. He was "unclean". Thank you Jesus that you did not respond to me in the same way that many responded to this guy. The man spoke to Jesus saying, "If You are WILLING, You can make me clean". Jesus did not say, ok you are clean and go on His way. Jesus' response is this Luke 5:13 - "And He stretched out His hand and TOUCHED him" and then said "I am willing, be cleansed." Even for Jesus lip service was not enough. He touched this man in a physical way. He got all in this guy's mess. Yes, getting involved is not convenient and many times not at all a comfy proposition. If there is any doubt just look at Paul's description of what Jesus did in Phil 2:5-11. That pretty much says it all. Hope to hear from you soon.


Brandon said...

Great response Pat!
Jesus got messy and touched the one in need. The thing that most often keeps me from getting messy is that it's inconvenient.

Anyone notice that abortion is not as big on the radar screen even a week after the election???

Now the big concern is about 401Ks and current investment performance...I wonder how many are worried about the performance of their treasures in heaven? (I got that thought from Dan Edelen at Cerulean Sanctum)