Sunday, April 4, 2010

From the hearts of children

Last Sunday I taught our 4th and 5th graders about the crucifixion and death of Jesus. We gave them a time to take sticky notes and write down and questions, prayers or just whatever they wanted to and stick them to the cross in the front of the room.

Here are some of their thoughts and concerns-

Jesus, please help me be a better person and be nicer to my brother.

Please give me your patience and help me through all hard times.

I sometimes have a hard time listening to my parent.

Why were we so important?

You are my LIFE.

Lord I need help understanding you. Will you help me?

Controlling my anger.

Pray for my family and cats.


What should I do to stop my siblings from sin?

For my uncle Rich and that I wouldn’t always be left out of stuff and
that God understands.

Be with my Mom.

You are the light!

Friends, let them stay with me. Let them not go away. Let them stay.

For my uncle Richard.

For my family because of my Grandpa’s death, but I know that he is in Heaven.

Do I need to be a part of the orfanage?

Will you remember me?

Thank you.

Why did you hurt Jesus?

My house was flooded so life is hard.

Thank you Lord for everything. Without you I’d be lost.

You are the Lord my God Almighty.

I love you. You’re my savior. Should I do cheerleading anymore?

God tell me your words. Show me how to listen.

Do you really have a reason for everything?

Why did you make people?

My friend doesn’t know God.

Stop hurting brother and sister. Keep praying.

I have a hard time trusting adults.

Thank you for everything, Jesus. You didn’t deserve to die, I do.

My leg and head problems are increasing.

My grandma that she will live turning 100 May.

What are the roots to my leg and foot problems.

Is it right to miss Bobby even though he is doing better there than here?

Why have I had a bad week. I hope that you will help me next week.

Why did Christ Jesus tell God “Why did you leave me”?

Thank you!

Why do I pressure so much?

My family is breaking.

Jesus I’m just so thankful for what you’ve done for all of us and I
know I could never suffer through the pain you did.

My friend Cristina, she sometimes is mean to me because her parents broke up.

Take my heart Lord.

Help me!

God how did you do it? Don’t forget me.

Jesus help me with my sin for I feel I could fall down crying without you.

I want to come closer to you.

Thank you Jisus (their spelling) : )

Thank you for dying for our sins.

For my aunt to believe in God.

Thank you for dying on the cross! I love you.


How could he talk if he was dead?

Thank you for all you have done! I love you.

Please let our house sell.

Help me understand you more.


Why did God let you die such a horrible death?

Why do we think too much about ourselves?

To come closer to you.

God I need help I don’t know how to stop judging people.

How do I help my parents?

I pray that every kid in the Treehouse will receive salvation!

Can you help Maddie lear about you? Please.

Thank you Jesus.

I hope my friend is ok.

Why did you take away my sins?

Help my friend to stop lying.

How did you create the world?

I’m sorry for being mean to Nana.


To be a better person.

Why can’t God save us now?

My friends Rachel, Julia, and David.

Disobeying parents.

Following the Lord.

Not perfect with you.

How could you love me if I’m so sinful?

Didn’t there have to be a beginning who made God he wouldn’t just show up?

My brother was diagnosed with epilepsy.

My family loves Jesus.

Help me catch up on my Bible reading.

Why do I get migraines?

Hope kids are ok because of kidnapper.

My grandma is still recovering from being sick.

Mrs. Carol’s mom.

My friend Katie. She is bossy to me because her parents are broken up.

Thank you. So much.


How do you enter into the kingdom?

Help me God.

I’m sorry for being mean to Nana.


Lew A said...

These are really good... are there any plans to use these in the future?


Brandon said...

Other than teaching them about as many of these questions as possible I don't have any other plans. Do you have sone ideas? :)